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ResNet Property Solutions provides the platforms of ResNet Realty, ResNet Manager and ResNet Cloud assisting onsite managers to offer superior real estate services in the residential unit complexes they manage.

ResNet Realty was formed in 2007 by onsite managers with the belief that onsite managers are the best people to handle sales & rentals in their complexes - "We are the ones with the knowledge, experience and commitment to the properties we manage. We know the complex, the properties, the people and the body corporate - we own the business investment."

Today ResNet Realty, as part of ResNet Property Solutions, partners with a network of residential unit managers, offering managers a simple system for selling, renting and managing properties which is custom designed for the Management Rights industry. Our members have access to ResNet Manager for up to date industry news, events, research and training, and helpful business tips, plus access to Sales History, Market Data and Tenancy Database. Our members also use ResNet Cloud which is a unique cloud-based platform for sales & rental listings to all major advertising websites (such as and ResNet Cloud also provides access to RE forms, contracts management, trust accounting, and job management making it a unique all-in-one system.

Our systems are designed by experienced onsite managers to specifically fit our industry and because we have the technical expertise as well as hands on knowledge of our business we are able to continually upgrade and improve the processes.

FAQ - for Sellers

for Buyers

Is ResNet Realty a bona fide real estate agent?
ResNet Realty holds a Queensland corporate real estate licence and has members that hold individual licences.
Can ResNet Realty give an accurate appraisal (Comparative Market Analysis) of my property?
Being on site your manager knows exactly what has sold and what is for sale in the complex plus through our member network we will have current information from neighbouring complexes. From this and the present level of demand we can assess a realistic price for you to list at. We also subscribe to the latest sales history & research data. Outside agents can only give estimates based on sales figures taken from computer databases which are not necessarily complete or up to date.
How will ResNet Realty attract buyers for my property?
The Internet is the most powerful advertising medium for residential unit sales. In addition to our website we advertise your property on all the major real estate search websites. We also use the database of our member network to circulate to investors. Your manager also has the rights to display sales signage at the complex.
Why is the Onsite Manager the best person to present my property for sale?
Your manager is a business owner in the complex, used to promoting sales and rentals of the properties, knows your unit layout & features and is confident in presenting the benefits to prospective buyers.
Does the Onsite Manager have the time to present my property for sale?
Being on site your manager can organise the daily routine around buyer appointments. Your manager is not restricted by office hours or distracted by having properties to sell elsewhere.
Will the Onsite Manager give me good feedback about buyer offers?
Your manager has a long term investment in the complex and does not rely on sales commissions to make a living. Feedback will be honest and you will not be pressured into decisions.

for Sellers

FAQ - for Buyers

What are the big advantages of buying a unit in a residential complex versus other types of investment property?
Residential complexes have a controlled environment. The Body Corporate (the collective owners) ensure funds are allocated for ongoing maintenance of common property & buildings thus maintaining the appearance & value of the complex & its properties. An Onsite Manager is in the best position to fill vacancies quickly at the best rent values plus advise on / perform proper maintenance for the property.
Can ResNet Realty find me a property to buy?
By contacting us your enquiry details will be circulated through our member network.
Why is it better to buy a residential unit through ResNet Realty?
We specialise in residential unit sales. You deal with the Onsite Manager, a member of our network and a business owner in the complex where the property is.
Why is it better to deal with the Onsite Manager?
The manager will be able to provide you with information that can only be got from managing the complex and being on site. The manager does not rely on sales commissions to make a living and will freely answer all of your questions.
What sort of questions should I ask the Onsite Manager?
Important things to find out are Body Corporate fees and By-law regulations. The manager will know the current rental returns and what could be expected in the future.
If I am not told some of these things and I sign a contract, could this cause a problem?
By law if certain information was not disclosed by the agent and it was an important omission you can terminate the contract. This would mean time and money being wasted by you and the Seller.
So does this mean the Onsite Manager is working for me?
The manager usually, by appointment, works for the Seller and will always consider the seller's best interests first but because you are a potential future owner and the manager has a long term investment in the complex you are guaranteed a totally honest property presentation.


Key Services We Offer:


The onsite managers expertise, knowledge & commitment to your property cannot be matched. Partnered with ResNet Realty marketing & support systems you are ensured of the very best outcome. We are best positioned, best qualified & best equipped to sell your property. Contact Us for more information.


When you buy through ResNet Realty, you deal with the onsite manager, the complete source of up to date information about the complex. You are offered a professionally managed property supported by ResNet Realty unique systems ensuring your investment is safeguarded and its ongoing value protected. Contact Us for more information.

Network Membership

A cornerstone of the ResNet Realty concept is the power of the network. For onsite managers, membership gives you access to the ResNet Realty, ResNet Manager and ResNet Cloud platforms. Contact Us about our flexible membership levels and or book a demo to test drive our unique platforms.

Project Marketing

With a large database of existing property investors from our network members, by partnering with us, you will increase your chances of project success. Contact Us for more information.

What people say

Leslie Bell (manager)

I was a member of ResNet Realty when it first started back in 2007. The concept is brilliant. Having the sales & rental advertising facility, being supported by the ResNet system and the ability to network with other members added so much value to my business. The good thing was that because I was dealing with other onsite managers it felt more like family and friends than business. They understood the important issues and problems involved in running a complex. When I came to sell I found being with ResNet Realty gave me a big plus to offer the buyer – extra sales income, simple systems and support for the new manager. Thanks, ResNet, you made my years in Management Rights a lot easier and a lot more profitable.

Les Bell
Sunnybank Chase Villas

Membership Levels

We offer 2 simple membership levels for onsite managers:

Unlimited Rental Listings via ResNet CloudYESYES
Unlimited Sales Listings via ResNet CloudN/A
(select either option A,B or C below)
+ Sales Assist - Option A *ResNet Realty conducts sales
on your behalf, using ResNet Realty
corporate license.
+ Sales Assist - Option B *You conduct the sale under the ResNet
Realty corporate license.
+ Sales Assist - Option C *You conduct the sale under your license 1N/A
Integrated RE Contracts + FormsYESYES
Access to ResNet Manager PortalYESYES
Access to Tenancies DatabaseYESYES
Access to RE Market Research / HistoryYESYES
Sale Listing / Contract Documents ProvidedCompleted DocumentsAccess to Document Templates
Sales Listing Promoted to Investor DatabaseYESYES
ResNet Cloud Trust Accounting & Other ModulesOptional Extra with 10% DiscountOptional Extra
24/7 SupportYESYES
Contact UsContact Us

* + Sales Assist membership has a commission share structure for sales. The commission share arrangement vary according to the option chosen (either A, B or C).

# + Sales Support membership does not require any commission share arrangements. However, in order to conduct sales, you must hold a full sales license.

1 You must hold a full sales license.



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